Why is land degradation the biggest problem?

It’s one of the biggest challenges of 21st century. It’s consequences aren’t just restricted to farmers or agriculture, they’re multifaceted.

It’s going to impact agro-economic productivity, food security, hit employment rates (many farmers whose lands have lost fertility have no secondary source of occupation), and ultimately quality of life. In India, more than 147 million hectares of lands have been termed as wastelands/degraded, unused barren lands.

Why does this happen? You might be curious to know the answer. The answer lies in the fact that the population explosion is overly huge. That is posing a big threat to the land resources. Man is clearing the forest cover for housing, raw materials, industrial set up and agriculture. At this juncture, the commercial plantation is getting a boom, however, at the same time we are losing our forest covers at an unimaginable pace.

Shifting cultivation, desertification, incorrect ploughing methods, deforestation, changes in soil alkalanity are some other major contributors to land degradation.

What we can do is to avoid polluting land, stop over irrigating, lessen the use of pesticides, stop cutting trees & wasting paper. This is how we can save the lands out there & bring about change. There are a lot of other methods, but I think they’re too scientific to be mentioned here. The gist is that even if you stop wasting paper, you say a big no to deforestation and eventually, this becomes a big step to fight land degradation!

“Together, we can achieve it.”

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