Discipline is like a key to the magical door

What is it that you can not achieve? Ever thought about it? Well, to the best of my knowledge, there’s nothing a human can’t do. Most of you might be wondering that how is it possible for us to achieve anything!

Well, it’s very much possible and doable. However, you can do it only with discipline. No matter how talented you are, you might be knowing ten different languages, or be a computer geek, or you might excel at coding but if you aren’t discplined, you will fall down hard. On the other hand, if you are disciplined & more disciplined, none of the above things matter. You can achieve it all with discipline. You see, discipline is like the key to that magical door which if opens once, the other doors open one by one. Now, since it’s about the key to a magical door, you’ll have to hustle hard to get the key. In the similar fashion, it might seem easy to think that discipline is a one day thing, or can be achieved in a day or so, but that’s exactly where you’re wrong.

Discipline is a habit. A habit that’ll force you to step out of your comfort zone. Instead of instagramming, you’ll have to sleep early by 10 or 11pm at max. Discipline is doing meditation every morning, or asanas and yoga (whatever suits you) because now you have to look after your health too. Discipline is also about eating healthy, and avoiding junk. Discipline is about praying and thanking god everyday for giving you another day. Discipline is completing all the important tasks you were supposed to do. Discipline is all about doing what you think you will be doing tomorrow & things you’ve been procrastinating since eternity…

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