Shifting to college dorm room

Yeah !!! FINALLY !

Hi guys,friends, respect to all my elders 🙏 How are you all ?? It’s been so so soooo long 😪 I know.But, pardon me. I told you all that I am in college now & I barely get time to do posts.It was more hectic because I joined the college just a couple of months ago .I know gradually I’ll be able to settle properly. You know someone nominated me for Leibster Award & I decided to do that post but I don’t know why i couldn’t find the comment where i was nominated.I am so sorry.i really don’t remember who that person was who nominated me, and I really apologize for not doing’s too late now,the comment got deleted🙁So, yes, finally my college hostel’s renovation is done & I’ll be shifting there by 7th October🙈 I have literally no idea as to how it would be staying there but yes, I know it would be different. The place where you learn to sleep early & wake up early so that you don’t miss your breakfast (although, this seldom happens)People usually sleep after 12’o clock & they also manage to wake up early..

Do you know🙎 that hostel peeps have superpowers of sleeping late & waking up early😮 I bet you did not know that.

😂😂😂Lol.I swear they have !Bear me & my poor jokes. Anyway, keeping aside everything.Let’s now talk business.Huh! REALLY ?? Another PJ. 😛

The eternal travel question – “What on Earth should I pack for staying in my college dorm room?” BUT, avoid over-packing & causing clutter.You want it light & easy to handle so, if you wish to go to visit your during mid-semester break you can easily pack the entire stuff.Also,U know what all u have.U’ll keep it safe.But, if u r carrying so many things then u’ll not be able to keep a record & end up losing things.


So, Some people actually have some supernatural snoring abilities.Earplugs would save you.I am not even kidding.I am serious 😌 It really helps.Instead of asking your roomie to stop snoring.Because that ain’t gonna happen anyway.You use these & sleep 😪 Lalala lala .We Indian students need it only for this purpose otherwise there are good students out there.You know what I mean.No other sounds at night .

2)Eye Mask

This is bae❤ Do I need to say more? This is awesome. So nice & effective.Isn’t it ? Lights are on ? No problem coz I have eye mask 😗 I don’t like this sticker btw. Looks like plastic lips..×..

3)Stuff for your bed

U need 2 bedsheets , 2 pillow covers & one pillow. Some hostels provide this stuff but, if they are not providing you this So, you can take it with you. Secondly, if it’s winter pack two duvet & duvet covers as well. And one more thing I advice u to pack double duvet because you know a double duvet makes a single bed more cozy during foggy winters.And, you can keep your duvet in your bed racks if you have any.It would save space.

4)Your cupboard essentials

You need a cloth or sponge sort of thing to regularly clean your cupboard because cleanliness is the best thing that gives us good & positive vibes.Messy & dirty room would attract negativity. Take some hangers with you because not all dorms give you these.

5)First-Aid kit

I am not asking you to buy that white box with a red plus sign & stuff it with all the damn medicines available on this planet.Damn no. It means carry fever, cold & cough medicines & a few band-aids as well an antiseptic solution & cream.

6)Everyday things

You need shower gel(forget soaps) because soaps make it all messy.The bathrooms are small and you also don’t want to share your soap with someone so, better buy a shower gel , use it & keep it in your cupboard.People would steal it otherwise.I am not kidding 😪Believe me ! Secondly, shampoo & conditioner. Please carry moisturiser and facial cleaner, scrub, exfoliator also. You can carry straightener if your college allows. Then, shower caps, tissue rolls,hair oil,Liquid detergent, sanitizer,hand-wash,fairy lights😀blah blah blah

7)Bath towel

A must. You need it. You need a hand towel as well.

8)Laundry Bag

Yes, It is equally important. Afterall, You don’t want your clothes to get mixed with your roomie’s clothes.Right?


Here comes the uninteresting stuff.Kidding.The whole purpose of staying in a dorm room is to study .How can something as important as stationery then can be uninteresting? Carry your pens, pencils, Registers & notebooks , Files ;etc.

10)Credit card/Debit card

Afterall, you don’t want to keep so much cash due to security reasons.

11)Sanitary Napkins

Come on.We are right now in 21st century & let us break the taboos associated with menses.Some of you might i said might be like why i have mentioned About ST’s here.Like come on, It’s a very common thing.Don’t make it a big deal all the time.Carry these because u might need these anytime.

12)Important documents

Your Id cards, fee slips,passport size photographs and whatever is important from your point of view.


Rain rain go away .what’s next?? SORRY, I forgot the rhyme.

14)Wall arts or posters

Again,If your college allows . Some colleges don’t allow & ask their students to refrain from pasting anything on the wall.It spoils the wall😌But, they won’t let u paste things that don’t even spoil the walls .You got the point 😴White tack(removable sticky glue kinda thing) is saviour

15) Other things

Sunscreen,cosmetics,deo, hairbrush,Clothes,Flip-flops,shoes,other footwear,UG’s , kindle,Your phone,laptop,charger,Adapter.

Last but not the least carry your brains because that’s the most useful thing my friend♡

See u again in another post till then goodbye❤



Gurmeet Ram Rahim is the man who claims himself to be a “godman”but actually he is a  self styled godman.He is the man who raped two of his female followers known as sadhvis in his underground chamber. He calls that “Father‘s apology”-a code word for rape. He said it purifies the person who gets raped as he is the messenger of god. Unfortunately, this is the horrible reality of India.

What is more depressing is that he is convicted 15 years after the commission of crime.Such is the judicial & governance system of India. Not even the laziest man on the planet is more lethargic than our justice system. 

The Aftermath of the conviction

After the conviction, the followers of Gurmeet who are mostly Hindus from Haryana & Punjab started protesting.They indulged in vandalism due to which curfew was imposed at certain places & Sec 144 was imposed banning unlawful assembly in areas of Haryana & Punjab. The blind followers who  sold off their brains the very day they started following Gurmeet Ram Rahim have created a state of utter disturbance & chaos.Till now, they have torched police stations, buses &  metro stations.Due to the securitg purpose Delhi colleges and schools have been ordered to declare 26 August as a holiday so, that students can stay safe at their homes.

Now, the question that arises is of Democracy. Is India really a democratic nation or Is that just a nominal term? In our country, our family & friends get raped by some self styled godman who has other charges also against him who then, gets convicted after 15 years of commiting that sin & when he gets convicted he is given a VIP treatement with facilities such as mineral water, AC room, good clothes & what not. Is that a jail or 5-star hotel??😠😠 Nothing can be more disgusting than the fact that some members of the one of the most popular Indian parties BJP are supporting this insane man.They are calling this an agenda to tarnish the image of that fucking self styled godman who’s a curse on humanity & who has raped so many women but, I feel sad for them as they could not muster courage to go to a police station and get an FIR registered.Really disheartened to know about this state of affairs.

What’s left in this society for women when, we can’t even have access to the most basic right ”justice” because “delayed justice” is NO JUSTICE !

And, shame on his followers who are a big, huge burden on humanity.They are butchering people for the so-called fake baba who is No. 1 fraud.He also made a movie titled MSG ( Messenger of God). 😡😡 What a bullshit he is.

A message from my side-Please just don’t blindly follow anyone.

Versatile Blogger Award

I shared some facts about me in the previous posts😅I don’t know what to post now.But, yes, I will try my best. Thank you so much for nominating me Sue

She’s such a sweet & amazingly amzing person I know on WordPress. Her blog is somewhat beyond amazing. She writes so well.I mean the way she conveys her message & her feelings.I dom’t know how beautifully she does that.Love you Sue❤❤ And, If you haven’t yet read her posts read them right now @

  1. I am a person who is damn and damn and extra damn honest with her friends.And, at the same time if I find that any of my friends is not loyal to me, I can be a real BITCH and mind it.👆
  2. I am a super outgoing person.But, doesn’t mean that I go to clubs and restaurants daily but it’s just that I love to travel✌ to good places. Good places include some very nice places such as, okay, so I would love to travel to EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA😂😂😂Lol, what is left😂😂I’m crazy af.I am confused as what to write next😂😂 Lemme think.Yes, yes I got another fact.😆
  3. Fooood… To be very honest,I love Indian food.India has so much to offer that I can’t think of other foods.There are 29 states.Each state has at least, I mean at least 15-20 specialities.So, 20×29=580 😲 and sometimes, even more than that.If you try one different food for two years then, you would be able to taste half of the specialities forget about all of these 😏And so, the fact is that I love Indian food the most.Butter Chicken😋❤ is love.
  4. Next fact,🤔🤔Thinking… wait!! My academics?? Maybe, you guys want to know about that.I’m a brilliant women😎Lol! I am praising myself😂😂 Oh! so, I scored mere 95% in highschool (12th grade) 😣 That’s mere for me! So, PLEASE °~°    👈👈Oh! That’s an emoji which I made just now😂
  5. I’m in Metro write now.That’s the fact.Okay, I’ll show you guys the picture 😂I know I’m hilarious😆Don’t blame me haan😛
  6. 6th fact.That, I am way more interested in discussions and debates that I can’t tell you.It’s a matter of pride for me that I received ”THE Best Interjector Award” once in around 2013, I guess! Yes.2013. 
  7. Last, but, not the least I still have to prove myself.I will work on myself more.So that I can become a better or rather The BEST version of myself ✌✌😀😀
  8. My favourite songs are so good that I listen to each one of them quite 50-60 times until I get bored and then, finally start hating it & then, I delete it. After a few days, when I feel like listening to it; I download it😅I am crazy mahn.
  9. You know, yesterday I was buying some stuff from a shop & there I met one of my old friends.🙈🙈I am still so happy that I met her after almost 3-4 years.I love my friends.
  10. I’m SINGLE bro! 😎And, want to remain the same 😉

I am lazy to nominate people😫

To know me better you’re free to ask questions in comments section. No personal questions Please!!! 🎀

15th of August

This is our 70th Independence Day.I love my India.I love my people. 

On 15th August 1947, we got freedom from British Raj. I salute our freedom fighters who fought till their last breath.Their contribution is immense. It’s profound. We can’t thank them enough for their sacrifice. Their sacrificed thei lives for India. This is really sad that our Indian History Books are filled with Mahatama Gandhi and Nehru’s contribution.Where there is an entire chapter on Mahatama Gandhi’s role in freedom struggle.There’s this one line somewhere amidst the chapter mentioning Subhash Chandra Bose or some other freedom fighter.

But, nonetheless, this is our 70th Independence Day. Let’s together take pledge for a New India.

 Today, Take a Pleadge with me that you shall strive to be free from all sorts of Fears. That‘s true freedom!