A cup of coffee from around the world…

How many of you need a cup of coffee before you hit the sack & after waking up!? I am not really a coffee lover, but I am highly fascinated to explore new cuisines & foods. While browsing, I came across an article that had an advertisment on the bottom of the page that said, “Try the best Turkish coffee at …” and that picture just left me in awe. It looked divine. So, I decided to bring among you all this beautiful article where we talk about 5 must try coffee from around the world.

I hope you all are equally excited as I am. So, here we go.

There is a Turkish proverb that says, “Life comes through food”, and certainly, it does indeed. It would surprise you that Turkish coffee has made it to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. There is a very unique way how Turkish people brew their coffee. They use beautifully crafted copper pots with long handles, often termed as cezve. It’s then poured in specatular cutlery, the cups are slightly smaller, made up of thin porcelain, and served after a meal with Turkish candy!!

Ever heard of something known as egg coffee? Ah, wait. Don’t Google that! So, this is a delicacy of Vietnam. It’s insanely rich & thick. All you need is condensed milk, egg yolk, boiling water and some Vietnamese coffee. That’s enough to prepare this heavenly brew.

Would you like to give a shot to a perfectly brewed coffee that could give you a hangover!? Absolutely, Irish Coffee can get you drunk. This is because Irish coffee has a shot of Irish Whiskey in it. What’s more insane is the fact that it’s often spiked with lots of whipped cream. So, you just mix all these ingredients together; hot coffee, brown sugar, Irish whiskey and top it with some whipped cream and you’re good to go!! I wanna try this right away. Someone teleport me to the place that serves the most authentic Irish coffee. In case you live in Delhi, you can give a try to this concoction at The Irish House, Nehru Place. They don’t use Irish whiskey shot, but it’s fun to give it a try!

How many of you like your coffee strong, very strong, very very strong? I don’t, but that won’t stop me from introducing you to this speciality from Austria. Also known as the Emperor’s Melange, kaisermelange is an Austrian strong coffee; mixed with honey, egg yolk, and sometimes even with a shot of cognac (a type of alcohol). You can add some whipped cream on the top, just in case you are insane about it. Well, I am. Iove whipped cream!!

Since, I am from India, I would not miss out on the legendary filter coffee! Haha. We guys are just insane about it. It’s superrr easy to make. It’s definitely an art to brew that perfect cup of rich filter coffee. Wow! All you need is some instant coffee powder, sugar and milk. Just mix the right amounts and you’re done. Traditionally, filter coffee is served in a stainless steel tumbler and a dabarah/container to hold it, but millenials prefer a coffee mug instead. ‘Cause it’s more snuggly to hold a mug than a hot tumbler. You can either way!

Tell me in the comments section which all drinks you have tried! Hope you guys had fun reading. Also, I am open to suggestions for my upcoming blog posts. I am planning to write a few blogs centered on food. Would welcome your ideas and opinions.

Love you all. Have a great day! xoxo 💕

21 thoughts on “A cup of coffee from around the world…

    • Coffee is great! There’s never too much coffee. It’s indeed the best thing. A good start and end to the day! Thank for reading! Much love💕


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