Too much libido, must be a whore!

She masturbates every night; always stimulated ah…

Too much sex; must be a whore!

So, which one have you come across with more often? I am asking ’cause society thinks that all sexual pleasures that a girl witnesses must have a tangible outcome. We call that outcome as “bachha”

Ever heard someone’s mother-in-law telling her that it’s been quite long that she’s married and probably, she should think of having kids. Afterall, for how long can she have sex “without a tangible output”

Sexual pleasures are a necessity. There need not be a tangible outcome always.Orgasms are pretty much real. We feel them, we need them and it’s pretty much a necessity. I feel it deeply when someone tells me to lower my voice when I talk about self-pleasure. Matlab theek hai, terror attack thodi plan kar rhi hu! It’s normal. It might be astounding to know that a majority of women are unaware of the fact that clitoris is the primary source of female sexual pleasure. We can term this as a lack of ‘sex education’ too. It highlights the fact that how direly we are in the need of it!

I fail to understand what’s so wrong about masturbation! Is it a sin? What is it that whenever someone talks about it, people just start feeling ashamed. Fascinating part is that majority of them are girls. While guys seldom refrain from discussing with their fellows about how they jerked off the last time, girls kinda hesitate to even utter this word and this sends me into a state of bewilderment!

It is us who have made it a taboo. Mind it, the society is us. It’s us who have made it unbearably misogynistic.It’s us who think that men owe our sexuality. It’s us who think that only when a penis goes inside the vagina, that’s when we achieve that ideal pleasure. It’s us who think it’s indecent and immoral to indulge in self pleasure.

Afterall, why not!

Come, Let’s owe our sexuality! Come, let’s explore!

These are purely my personal views. No indecorous innuendos intended.