Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Well, a big hi to you all! Hope you guys are doing great…

I am here for an award post. This is my 10th Award post. I will do a separate post listing all the awards I recieved earlier. First of all, a big & hearty thanks to my fellow blogger, Stephanie for nominating me. Stephanie has got some great feed. Here’s the link to her blog. Do check out her recent posts on Mental health

Why this award? This award is for the wonderful work on the blogs. It reflects the good impact that we can have on other people’s lives. When a person nominates you for this amazing award, it means they consider your blog as an inspiration.

25 thoughts on “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

  1. @rohini: so pleased to read of your many nominations and awards. you must be doing so much good and I applaud the time and effort you put into these things. It’s not easy and you’re investing of yourself. Keep it up and be blessed.

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