My eyes say that I’m fearless and I trust them ;)

The word fearless says fear less. Can we control what we are afraid of? Can a person really be fearless or is it just a farce?

Let’s understand it with a simple example. Imagine, you are locked in a cage, along with a lion who is asleep. What would be your reaction? Just think for once, you entered the cage and some notorious child locked you in. What would be your defence mechanism in that case?

Most of you would faint. Others would shout for help. The wise one would maybe not shout, rather figure his/her way out of the cage.

You see fear wasn’t absent in any of the situations. All of them were facing The only thing that makes the third one stand out is his soundness of mind and wisdom.

Therefore, fear is always present. It is present in everything that we do. It’s just that over time we learn to cope up with it and when we do so, we become FEARLESS! So, be Fearless. Learn to take challenges. Learn to be free from fear. Learn to enjoy your life to the fullest. Certainly, you can’t do so in a state of constant fear. So, chuck all those fears.Don’t be afraid of anything. The biggest truth is that all of us are mortals. We all have to die some day. If we accept this truth, half of the battle is already won. Trust me, once you accept this reality, you would never fear anything in life.

During this time of pandemic, the world is threatened like never before. There is persistent fear in our minds. The world is fear-stricken, but there are people working for us. Our doctors, nurses, researchers, police, soldiers and all the frontline workers who have conquered fear and proved to be our real-life heroes. A big salute to all of them!!

My only aim to write this blog post was to instill a sense of fearlessness in you guys. Be strong, always. Learn from others. Learn from those who fight everyday and still stand tall.

Destroy the fear before it cripples you!


Much love to you all!

Have a great day.

23 thoughts on “Fearless

    • Absolutely correct. Fear is the only hindrance. We face many fears in life, one of them is to start something new. Before beginning a work, we start thinking of the consequences that might follow by. Instead, we must always give it a shot and be unbothered about what “might” happen. Fear limits you. Face it. Be limitless.


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