Stop getting repulsed by my body hair

So, a guy body shamed me today for my facial hair. I mean, come on, it’s 21st century, but your thought process is ancient than Harappan Civilisation.

Stop getting repulsed by women’s body hair. We have it all over bodies. From head to toe, on our face, armpits, around the nipples, below the naval, vagina, anus, legs, hands, feet, every fuckin place. It’s common, yet considered so abnormal.

We freakin’ need to stop here itself. Enough has been tolerated. This is not just my problem. Today, every second girl is being shamed for her body hair. This has to end. We all need to grow up a bit and expand our thinking horizons.

Why do men think that we need to impress them every fuckin time by being perfectly decked up. We have a fuckin life and there’s no space for the opinion of such men.

Be positive about your body hair. What really hits me hard is that people who have never even touched razor in their life also come and give opinions and want you to look like a hairless baby. To all the guys, please shove your patriarchal opinion up your ass next time. We are no more taking crap.


I nominate my friend, Pragati to write about the same & support the cause.

6 thoughts on “Stop getting repulsed by my body hair

  1. Hope everyone would have thought like you…the increasing advts of hair removal products defines its demand in the market.
    On the other hand i would like to say…everyone has their own likes and dislikes and they should not hurt someone’s feelings expressing the dislikes now and then.

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