Short dress is not equivalent to a yes!

Disclaimer: This article is entirely based upon my personal opinion. It doesn’t intend to hurt anybody.

How many times our society blames a girl’s short dress or her being drunk as the main reason for rape?

No matter how scantly she is dressed, it doesn’t in any manner means a yes. No matter if she is sober or drunk, she cannot be blamed. Only the rapist is responsible for the rape.

We’re living in 21st century, yet there are so many instances where a girl’s short dress is blamed for her rape.

In India, saree is considered as a traditional wear, and most of us are encouraged to wear it after marriage. Well, ever paid attention to the 6-inches gap?

Prolly, it’s way more than my less than an inch gap between my crop top and bottoms.

Oh, and what about infant girls being raped? Would you still blame their “clothing”?

India’s rape culture is thriving! An average Indian man’s attitude is still the same. It has not changed at all. Western clothes are blamed. The clothes we wear, where we go, at what time we go out, with whom we go out; all of these are some of the factors that society takes into account while victim blaming or slut shaming.

Imagine a girl being raped and people blaming it on her. Just because she went out, got drunk, wore short clothes, doesn’t in any way mean that she invited it or asked for it. The society needs to change its mindset and treat us ladies with respect and give us some space & liberty to decide what to do and what not. It’s our life. Just like all the guys out there are seldom objected for their choice of clothing, similarly, we should also not be objected. What is wrong is wrong, but restrictions on our clothing, timings to go out and many other “rules & regulations” are completely meaningless & freedom curbing. Therefore, society needs to be acceptable and tolerant. It must learn to accept women the way they are and stop imposing its bullshit rules, which of course are getting lamer over time.

I wear short clothes, go out at night, party & drink, but wait…

I ain’t a whore! None of you has got a right to judge my choices or decisions. I am independent and my life is none of society’s business. It’s my private life which is not meant for public consumption.

12 thoughts on “Short dress is not equivalent to a yes!

  1. Such mind set should be changed. Everyone have the right to wear what they to wear. If a person interested drink he/ she can drink. What matters is our freedom shouldn’t effect negatively to the society.


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