Thanks for this wonderful New Year gift .This 1,000 number is a big deal for me.You know you all are now like a family.We all are a big family.

I can’t express my love & gratitude for you all.It feels so good right now.I am thankful to god for this.

When I started this blog in May,2017 I never knew that I would be able to come this far.I want to tell something to al of you.I made a few WordPress accounts before also, but I hesitated.I thought that there are so many bloggers out there so, why would somebody read my blogs.But, it’s a thing of past now.Over time I have realised that there are people who are waiting to listen to you.It’s just that you need to stand and speak.This blog taught me so much.I express my gratitude and a big thanks to you all.Thank you so much.I promise to come up with more informative posts.

My blog is incomplete without my fellow bloggers & readers.Therefore, I want suggestions from you as how to improve my blog.Please do give me a few suggestions as to which type of posts I should come up with in future.Your suggestions matter & mean a lot to me.

Thank you so much ❀

Have a great day.

Rohini Yadav



  1. Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone: that is so awesome πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    As for suggestions on posts: just keep writing the things you love to write about. Your post have always been a lot of fun to read, so I would not change anything 😊😊

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    • No.I never cared about likes.I just wrote what i wanted to.The no. Of likes just never matter.Even today i have 1k followers but average likes on a post are 80-90.There are various reasons for that.When u post something, the likes depend on the no. Of people who are online at that time.On an average 30 people are online.They read they like.There are a few who read older posts as well so i get rest of the likes from them.Then , there are people who read only recent posts so if i post when they are offline i lose those views and likes.It goes this way. BUT, TO the answer of your question, I feel more motivated to see less no. Of likes.Motivation to come up with different and better posts

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  2. Wow 1k – that is just insane! In less than 6 months!
    What attracted 1k followers is your work. Your posts are unique and diverse, that is what drives people to you πŸ™‚
    If one puts effort into their post, the post will become readable to all!
    Congratulations, Rohini! πŸ™‚

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  3. Its impressive for sure. I will go through your postings soon too. Wish you many more thousands followers. Just write what makes you happy and what you love to express. The thing of beauty is Joy for ever like wise certainly people like the beauty of the post when it carry its own identity. Wish you happy blogging time and cheerful moments with your writing. Happy Sunday and thanks for the follow. Cheers.

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