How to deal with dry skin?

Hello,Everyone 🙋 I hope you all are doing great.I am so excited for New Year.Omg🙈Before wishing anyone else I want to wish my fellow bloggers A very happy New Year and lots and lots of hugs  from my side.Have a great year full of memorable experiences 😚😁❤

You know when I was at hostel I was dealing with chapped & dry skin and I struggled a lot.But, when I came home my mum preferred me an amazing product & I felt like sharing my experience with you all.Basically, my life is kinda messed up. My face is oily & rest of my skin is extra dry.This damn combination skin looks weird af but, anyway, it’s my skin I have to deal with it. Can’t do anything 😅

So, No matter what I apply on my skin it always gets dry and I feel so awkward when I am out of home because I can’t apply a mosturizer everytime. Usually mosturizers claim to be very nourishing but it’s all a lie.However, when I started applying St.D’VENCÉ Body Mosturiser it worked worked womders.I simply can’t believe how a product can be this amazing at just Rs.99/-😍 It’s so natural.Wait, I’ll share the ingredients with you.So, basically this has tea tree oil, shea butter, aloe vera,almond oil,vitamin E,jojoba oil,Olive oil,Fresh milk. Do I need to say more?? ☺ You can simply apply it after a hot shower or at night for best results.I promise you’ll get desired results within 15 days.Write it down today.Your skin feels soft & lively.Moreover, it has quite reasonable price so, you can give it a try!!

You can easily buy it from Amazon.For your convenience, I have copied the link here.Do try it out & do share your experience.

ST. D’VENCÉ Body Moisturiser Winter Edition for Very Dry Skin (100 ml (Limited Stocks | Limited Period Offer)

Bye bye🙋🙋

Love ❤




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