Don’t drink and drive

Urbanisation and growing affluence has led to increased drunk driving cases.Driving under the influence of alcohol is penable under Motor Vehicles Act.Any person who has in her/his blood alcohol exceeding 30mg/100 ml is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol and under IPC it is penable.Straightaway an imprisonment of 6 months

Your life is precious & so is the life of others.When you are drunk, you are only partially concious and you can imagine how well you’ll drive in such a state.

This might sound a clichè but, I would say this again and again that Drinking & Driving is like inviting bull that yeah, come bull and kill me.

You are driving on the road where there are hundreds other vehicles, anything can happen anytime, in a matter of seconds, who knows you might end up hitting a vehicle & the person inside might get injured or might even die.Who knows???

Then, you will be in prison according the laws of your country and what about your family after that and what about the family of the person whom you killed??

I know you’ll be like “I don’t need to read this because I know such a simple thing that we should not drink and drive” but trust me sometimes despite knowing all this we end up doing this.When would man start behaving properly?

I know people do this .They are educated, vigilant but still they think they are some superheroes and they can do anything.Please!!! I request you all. Rather,I would say don’t drink and travel. Because travelling while you are drunk is also not a safe option.

Being a vigilant citizen it was my duty to make everyone aware.Rest, the ultimate choice is always yours.If you want to risk your life and want your family to suffer then, your wish and if you want to live a peaceful life then please Do not do rash and reckless drunk driving!!!!!

It needs to be stopped right away. It’s very sad but in many countries drunk driving is punishable but who cares we are some superheroes nothing’s gonna happen to us because we are some kings if somewhere ya..?

If you don’t follow rules you end up in trouble which I think you don’t want.Already life is a messed up thing on the top of that do you want some more problems???

This is the most appropriate time for this post because new year is coming and I know very well that many of us are going to drink and have fun but, please do all this at your home.Going out, drinking and coming back home drunk is not safe.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Don’t drive and drive.Rather don’t drink and travel !



  1. Wonderful job on posting this There definitely needs to be a realization that driving under the influence is one of the most careless and dangerous choices one can ever make. Life is to valuable, so don’t drink and drive. It’s never worth the risk.

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