How it feels?

How it feels after completing a month in college dorm room?  😀

By the way, right now I’m listening to Black or White by One and only King of Pop  ❤❤❤ Michael Jackson ❤❤❤

It’s 11:29 pm in Delhi & trust was I was about to sleep when I turned on my phone to listen to this song and you won’t believe that after listening to this song I felt so damn good I don’t know why but, I flt like writing something good 😄😄

Please ignore my rambles.I know I speak a lot 😅

So, yes College dorm room 😀 finally on the topic 😂😂 It feels really good. I am in first year and my roomie is in 3rd year pursuing BMMMC. I swear she is the sweetest person I have ever known on this Earth. I am not kidding ! I am blessed to have her. She is not my roomie She’s like my elder sista.We share everything.It’s been only one week since she shifted to my room and we developed a really strong bond. Love her 💚💚

So, what is that second thing that I loved most about my college hostel is that It’s really easy for me to wake up at 7:45, take a bath, eat breakfast and go to college at 8:30 😅 😅 Lol ! Sometimes I wake up at 9’o clock 😠 But, this is enough tomorrow onwards I’ll be more disciplined. Discipline is very important.

Third thing is that we try different things in our mess. We have a planned menu and it’s good but, I really wish It had more variety ! We get ic-cream only once a week but anyway, I eat it outside !🙄😂😂

Fourth, Girls girls girls all around. Is that a good thing ??? I doubt 😂

Fifth, living inside the college campus is the best thing even if there’s no reason to justify that claim!

This is my college 😁 ❤

Most beautiful campus of Delhi University 😚 Not according to me. It’s official, bro !



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