Hey y’ll . I am feeling better & nasal congestion & bad health has vanished. Thank y’ll for sending the amazing GET WELL SOON wishes❤❤❤ 

These are my 4th & 5th blog awards😅Guys, now please don’t nominate me for any more Unique Blog Awards.😂😂

Anyways, I really want to thank Gauri and Ritika

Thanks for nominating me♡♡

Check out their blogs🌿


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Put an award logo( Which I haven’t)
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate further & ask questions

Instead of a logo, I decided to put my picture🐶❤

Q1Which is the only place in the world do you like most and why?

Of course, my home. I can do literally anything here or not do anything but, just sit & relax ..or..chillax😉

Q2. What is the inspiration behind your blog?

I am the biggest inspiration for me.

Q3.  Who is your motivator and why you choose him/her as your motivator?



Q4. What style of writing attracts you?


Q5.Give 2 tips to new bloggers.

  • Do not get disappointed just because nobody’s following u.There are some good people out there on WordPress and they’ll follow u definitely but you’ll have to wait & work hard.
  • Focus.Focus.Focus.Don’t write a piece of shit but come up with eye-catching posts’. Although once your follower count reaches 200 above  you get likes for a single one line quote & a simple hi as well. And , I’m not even kidding!

Q6.How many blog posts do you manage to write per week?

 Maybe 3 or 4 or 5 .Don’t know😅It depends more on my mood swings rather than time.

I nominate:-

EVERYONE WHO’S READING THIS  and I also know that nobody of u is going to accept this type of nomination. But, your most welcome if u choose to do the post.Questions are same.

 Sorry, for the laziness but no more award nominations now.. From now onwards, I’ll not do a separate post but, would just answer the questions in the comments section.

A BIG THANKS TO Ritika and Gauri once again❤❤

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