Area 51: Decoded

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I Hope you all are doing well! So, this is my first post on WordPress. Hope you guys enjoy it !

Someone has truly said that the more you try to cover something, the more attention it gets. Most of us are likely to take some secrets to the grave but, what when you come to know that people out there have already revealed secrets of highly suspicious “Area 51.” 

Area 51 :Outside
Area 51 : Inside

One of the scientists’  working at Area 51 revealed that he had worked with people from the other world & therefore, he can conclude that extra-terrestrial life exists.Also, much information is not available about him on the internet except a few reports which mentioned about him.

     the scientist who revealed alien truth

So, Are you guys taken aback? Hold your nerves !

So, indirectly this scientist meant that aliens do exist.Plain and simple as it sounds. If we can exist they too, can. You guys might not agree with me but the conspiracy theories which I am going to mention in this post have at least some relevance if, not all. Otherwise, they would not have been so popular. So, my humble request to all is that read with interest. Believe or not!

In the middle of barren Nevada desert, there’s a dusty road that leads to the gates of Area 51. It’s protected by a little more than boom gates, fences & three intimidating trespassing boards.Locals say, the base knows about each and every desert tortoise & jackrabbit that hop the fences (forget about humans).It is widely believed that roads have embedded sensors & the cameras beyond the gates of Area 51 see it all.So, Be careful!

Trespassing not allowed

Now, what exactly goes inside Area 51 leads to wide speculation. Conspiracy theories do nothing but, leave the waters muddy. Unfortunately, they don’t do anything more than that. But, they are quite interesting & if, carefully observed, can reveal some biggest secrets.One of the most colourful theories is about the Roswell attacks,1947. So, what actually happened 68 years ago? Of course, something suspicious. But, what? On 7 July 1947, around 75 miles north of the town of Roswell in New Mexico, debris from a highly classified project used by US airforce was recovered from a ranch after being reported by a ranch worker, William Brazel. He collected the debris, went to Roswell &  reported all the matter to a Sherrif. Thereafter, Sherrif sent some agents to visit the ranch. The next day, on 8th July 1947, The Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release stating that a flying disk had crashed on a ranch near Roswell.(Point to be noted, they said flying disk because that’s what it looked like & they were absolutely right). But, hours later, another press release was issued but, this time it was the government scientists who issued the release.They said that it was a weather balloon that had crashed & consequently, a correction was made in the press release (Point to be noted, they said something contrary to the Roswell Army Air Field officers.Why did they lie, when it was actually a flying disk & not a weather balloon?) Something is definitely fishy! 

That UFO

31 years later, the same story was reported by a different newspaper without corrections and this was the time when things started to become clear. Following the publication of this new report, new theories suggesting that government scientists tried to cover the discovery of an alien spacecraft, began to take root. It was followed by several witnesses who claimed to have seen that blazing spacecraft flying in the sky shortly before it crashed. But, the most prominent witness was a mortician(Glenn Dennis). He claimed that in 1989, a friend of him who was a nurse at the Roswell Army Airfield had once accidentally walked into an examination room where she saw something Bizzare. She saw that some doctors were bent over 3 bodies.They were most probably the ones recovered during Roswell attacks. But, the twist is that these weren’t human bodies but they apparently resembled human beings. They had small limbs, spindly arms & large bald heads. I think this is how homo sapiens looked during the initial stages of evolution. So, it’s possible that in the coming million of years they too may look like us & this is probably their initial stage of evolution!

87b0b6c8c0d9f99975e9a6d851db2947    images

Then, in 1995, Ray Santilli, a London-based entrepreneur, released “footage” of an alien autopsy performed in Roswell in 1947. Critics & experts immediately ridiculed it & said it was 100% fake. Years later, Santilli admitted that it was a hoax. Nevertheless, he swore that the real clip existed but, due to its poor condition he had to recreate it.There are many other such witnesses but due to certain pressures, they had to take back what they said about Roswell attacks. You might not believe it but since 1947, UFO’s sightings increased with most no. of UFO sightings in 1967 & 1971 in the UK & USA. It is hard to swear but if witnesses are to believe then there is an “AREA 51 in the UK as well!After, reading a lot of stuff on Internet, mostly, on the authentic & genuine sites & after interpreting the official statistics produced by UK & US govt. I can fathom out that US Federal government has buried some secrets deep in AREA 51.Maybe, because they know, how fatal revealing the truth could be. Imagine one day they reveal it & that information spreads with a great pace as nowadays there’s heavy traffic on social networking sites. So, if someday this spreads then, almost everything that a naked human eye could see would come to a standstill.People would be excited, wonderstruck, curious & fearful as well. People would try to enter Area 51.All of this would disrupt public order.There would be a lot of pressure on governments to disclose everything to the public.Literally, everything.Things would apparently be worse than we think right now. Therefore, even if aliens exist & US govt, has established contacts with them and even if they are working with them & coming up with technological advancements, it’s fine! They are acting rationally. Otherwise, they refute all these claims & say that base is exclusively used for military purpose. But, we are not fools & obviously a thief would never say that I am a thief. Period.

I have found some more pictures. Take a look!

images (4)

 How is that even possible? Maybe UFO landing did that.

aliens a430

I wish this was not false.But, if it was so true it would not have been so easily available to people for clicking a picture. But, it has some relevance.All of these have at least some relevance.Point is that nobody believes because of the absence of staunch official evidence by the government.Once they say it, it becomes truth!


What is Bill Clinton doing with this strange creature? Point to be noted here is that this is not a morphed image.This is probably an image leaked by the US government scientist only because only they are allowed to enter AREA 51.Look at Clinton’s face.Observe that expression.You found that weird, right.He too is feeling absurd standing in front of an alien.


 Our Near future(maybe)

I am happy you guys read it.Space science is one of my favourite areas of interest.I love to explore & read about extra-terrestrial life. In my next post, I will write about Stephen Hawking’s recent speech in which he claims ” We will have to leave the Earth within 100 years”. But’s that’s too short…To know more, read my next post!

Thanks for reading.Love you all!

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  1. Amazing post….includes all things I know….good to find someone like minded…actually I was planning on writing on aliens and area 51 for a long time…but due to my fear of being picked by ‘men in black’ I didn’t… But it was great reading your never know what lies beyond the unknown realm..I actually write a sci-fi blog…if you have time drop by anytime

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  2. Great post! I have just also posted my first post, also based on a conspiracy theory, I also want to write a post about area 51 sometime soon and will look up to your post as inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Area 51 has been surrounded by so many conspiracy theories! Even moon landing is said to have been a hoax planned here only…alien existence is such an interesting topic. Given the vast expanse of universe with millions of stars in a galaxy and billions of such galaxies … high probability that alien life exists somewhere! We are just a speck of dirt in the universe. And you mentioned about hawking!!! And my heart stopped ☹️ he is right, we dont have much time on earth…even if think, there are so many asteroids moving at lightening speed and just one is sufficient to wipe out earth or if sun turned into a supenova we would all be swallowed….like hawking predicted that in less than 600 years earth will become a ball of fire!! We all are so vulnerable! Sad we lost him!

    Liked by 1 person

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